Saturday 27 May 2017

It's half term.

Which means this is happening:

It also means that I'll be trying to do something geeky. I still cant even begin to contemplate anything 40k, its been so long, I'm not liking any of the recent releases and i'm likely a whole 2 editions behind. The churn of their need to shift product to sustain the size of company they have become is something I just cant keep up with and at this point I've no desire to.

what I have done, and light post about, is build a couple more of the star wars model kits, and buy a few more of the 6" figures to indulge my modelling/modifying and photographing urges.

Examples from a recent photography and photoshopping session can be seen below, with more to come If weather, time and energy allow..

as well as photoshopping lightsabers here, I was trying to get the right colour balance form the film I remember, I might have gone too far..


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    1. Apologies, was getting lots of spam so had to put moderation of for comments...

      Ah, those are GTP (galactic trading post) Toys "Spacewalls". not cheap. really not cheap. but its amazing how much disposable income one has when one is no longer buying Games Workshop products.


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